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    March 10, 2020

    8.5/10 points for the AOC Q27T1 @ TotalGamingAddicts.com

    Total Gaming Addicts, usually a console gaming focused website recently published a review of the AOC Q27T1. The monitor received 8.5/10 points.

    The tester is very impressed with the design, commenting: “The Q27T1 is one of AOC's stunning offerings in their Home and Office range, with some of the most stunning and modern design you can find on a monitor. With an ultra-thin panel, concealed ports and a unique and aesthetic stand, the Q27T1 is most definitely a looker.”

    He also mentions that it’s one of the best monitors for a single monitor setup, thanks to its wide colour gamut which is usable for colour grading and colour correction with its 102% sRGB and 87% AdobeRGB gamuts. Its FreeSync support, 75 Hz refresh rate and 5 ms response time make it more than capable for gaming over the usual TVs and office monitors, he says.

    Verdict: “Overall, I love the Q27T1, and it is one of my favourite monitors to date. With its stunning design and cross-purpose capabilities, it is the ideal monitor for a single display set-up. This is particularly so in light of its low price point. […] Designing an overlay? New panels for Twitch? Or even some assets for your social platforms? The Q27T1 will be outstanding for all of it.”

    Please find the full review here.

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