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Amazon's Choice & Successors @ TechTeamGB

TechteamGB, an influencer/Youtuber from the UK, recently published a video comparing the monitors on “Amazon’s Choices” with their newer versions/successors, comparing the C24G1 – Amazon’s Choice, with its successor, the 24G2U. He also published an article on this topic on his website.

The tester states in the US, the C24G1 is 20$ is cheaper and it’s still a good monitor, but the 24G2U offers a considerably better monitor for 20$ more.

In the UK, he states that the 24G2U is already cheaper than C24G1 and choosing it is a no-brainer.

Please find the full video here and the written article here.

More information about the 24G2U here

Discover the 24G2U/BK
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