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AOC is "Monitor Brand of the Year" thanks to 24G2U @ TechteamGB

TechteamGB, an influencer/Youtuber from the UK, recently published a video and a written article titled “Tech of the Year 2019 – Winners” which included AOC as the “Monitor Brand of the Year” for the monitor 24G2U. The winner was decided on through a poll of the viewers

The tester describes the 24G2U in his video as: “an incredible, 1080p, 144 Hz IPS monitor, this is an incredible value proposition – full stop, let alone being IPS. That’s a hands-down great win and they do some fantastic other monitors as well.”

He also wrote about the winners on his website: “Next is monitor brand of the year – this one wasn’t too much of a surprise to me, and was the winner by a very, very healthy margin. It’s AOC for their new, standout monitor, the 24G2U. A 1080p, 144hz, IPS monitor that is well deserving of the win.”

Please find the full video here, and the written article here.

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