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    August 7, 2019

    AOC monitors for the new school year

    There are only a few weeks until schools and universities are going to welcome new pupils and freshman students, and one can already feel the eagerness with which students are getting ready for the next semester. With the needs of students and pupils in mind, AOC has created an extensive portfolio of monitors that cater to their specific needs – and are also affordable. Check out which solutions AOC has to offer and find the perfect monitor for each and every setting.

    A school year can be tough for pupils and students of any age. Homework, writing essays and papers, assignments, coding, statistical analyses, creating presentations… The time students spend in front of a monitor is higher than ever. They also don’t use their PCs for education purposes only but for personal entertainment as well. Watching their favourite TV shows, movies or playing video games to relax are popular pastimes among students. It is therefore crucial to invest in a quality monitor that satisfies students’ needs and lasts throughout their studies.

    A certain spectrum of blue light emitted from LCD screens can be harmful to the eye. Therefore, all AOC displays are equipped with a special Low Blue Light mode to help students use the monitor for long hours without overstraining their eyes.

    24V2Q: 24” IPS panel, slim profile (just 7.7 mm), frameless design, premium looks with 75 Hz refresh rate (left)

    24B1XHS: 24” IPS panel, thin bezels, simple yet modern looks, wide viewing angles and natural colours (right)

    Elegance meets productivity: V2 Series

    For students who value good design and superior specifications, the V2 series offers a simplistic yet attractive 3-side frameless design. By placing the electronics and ports in the stand itself, AOC created a display that is unbelievably thin: just 7.7 mm. Students can choose between the 21.5” 22V2Q, the 24” 24V2Q or the 27” 27V2Q. All models are equipped with IPS panels with Full HD resolution and natural colour reproduction. For casual gaming on the side, the 75 Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync support of the V2 models provide a step-up over conventional 60 Hz monitors and eliminate stutter and tear, too.

    Working productively with the B1 Series

    Students and pupils as well as schools and universities that prefer sleek, yet affordable and basic monitors might want to consider the B1 Series. Offering 21.5”, 23.8” and 27” sizes, these monitors will fit nicely both in a computer lab or a student dorm. The 21.5” 22B1HS, the 23.8” 24B1XHS and the 27” 27B1H are offered with IPS panels with Full HD resolution and 178°/178° viewing angles. Additional models with TN panels (22B1H) or MVA panels (24B1H) are available, too.

    I2490VXQ: 23.8” IPS panel, frameless design, silver finish (left)

    G2590VXQ: 24.5” TN panel, frameless design, 1 ms response time, 75 Hz refresh rate, FreeSync

    Enjoy vivid colours and wide viewing angles: I2490VXQ

    Spicing up the variety, the 23.8” I2490VXQ is also a good contender for students and universities. The IPS display with Full HD resolution offers wide viewing angles and vivid colours. The I2490VXQ stands out with its grey/silver finish, a beautiful circular metallic base and a 3-side borderless design. Thanks to its 100x100 VESA mount option, the monitor can also be attached to monitor arms, such as AOC’s AS110D0 single arm or AD110D0 dual arm, where it can be adjusted in height, tilt, swivel and pivot to easily align the monitor in the perfect ergonomic position.

    The perfect option for casual gamers: G2590VXQ

    Some students may want to make a statement with their gear, and want to opt for a gaming display in black. With its red lower bezel and frameless panel, the Full HD, 24.5” G2590VXQ is simply eye-catching. Thanks to its TN panel, 1 ms GtG response time is ensured, while the 75 Hz refresh rates will cover the needs of most light gaming, such as MMORPG, Action or RTS genres. AMD FreeSync support offers a tear-free and stutter-free gaming experience. Just like I2490VXQ, it can be used with monitor arms thanks to its VESA mount support as well.

    On the move with AOC: I1601FWUX or I1659FWUX

    Some students spend a significant time commuting to school every day and use their tablets/laptops on the way. Some even study abroad and may find investing in a full-sized desktop monitor inconvenient. For those students, AOC’s I1601FWUX is the perfect companion. The 15.6” portable display has an IPS panel, Full HD resolution and comes with an auto-pivot function. Thanks to the USB-C port, the I1601FWUX simultaneously transfers the display signal (over DisplayPort Alternate Mode) and power to the display with a single USB-C cable. The included smart cover protects the display while on the go and transforms into a foldable stand when needed. Wherever they are, students can now enjoy a multi-monitor setup on the go. And for those without USB-C compatible laptop, an alternative could be the USB 3.0 I1659FWUX.

    Whether the V2, B1, 90 Series, or portable monitors, AOC’s wide portfolio offers a suitable, affordable monitor for every pupil or student for their private/home use, but also for public use in institutions such as schools, universities as well. Before the classes start, refresh your gear with a sleek, new AOC monitor.

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