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    November 15, 2021

    AOC Q32P2: QHD-monitor with a lot of screen space @ Clickx magazine (NL)

    Clickx magazine has tested the AOC Q32P2 and has decides is a great monitor for business. The reviewer highlights that there are few QHD-screens that are that large and are also not too expensive. That is why he was very curious about the possibilities of this AOC-monitor. After its review, the AOC Q32P2 is seen as a great option for business use.



    • Great value for money
    • A large screen
    • Built-in USB-hub
    • A lot of adjustment options


    • Colors are less than expected
    • Brightness only sufficient
    • No USB-hub

    The AOC U27V4EA is a monitor that has a great value for money and is also easy to use due to its ergonomical functions. Their conclusion is that the AOC-monitor is less suitable for graphical functions, but for the business user it offers all the essential functions, such a large screen and its easily adjustable, which makes it the right choice.

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