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    September 4, 2019

    AOC’s environmental conscience and approach for more sustainability

    In recent times, where energy efficiency, environmental damage, and sustainability have become of the upmost importance, AOC adapts its products to the latest certifications and regulations.

    AOC wants to enable customers to make sustainable choices more easily and make them aware of the impact they have on the environment before their purchase, while using and at the end of the products lifecycle.

    One key factor AOC focusses on in regards to sustainability, is improving the health and well-being of individuals through meaningful solutions. Therefore, AOC is committed to developing, promoting and marketing more energy efficient solutions and green products for people in all markets.

    Optimizing energy consumption

    AOC offers ENERGY STAR certified monitors, which on average are 15 % more energy efficient than standard monitors. ENERGY STAR certifications help customers identify monitors that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants caused by the inefficient use of energy. This way, it is easy for customers to identify and purchase energy-efficient products and save on energy bills at home or in the office without sacrificing performance, features, and comfort.

    Combining sustainability and usability

    AOC’s TCO certified monitors are designed to ensure that IT and office equipment have a high degree of usability for the end-user, and keep environmental impact to a minimum. TCO also ensures that the manufacture, use, and recycling of IT products and their packaging reflects on environmental, social and economic responsibility.

    AOC takes its responsibility seriously

    AOC works with various programs to ensure their sustainability and social responsibility goals are met. An example is EPEAT, which is the global leading ecolabel for the IT sector that secures EPEAT-registered products meet strict environmental criteria that address the full product lifecycle, ranging from energy conservation and toxic materials to the product longevity and end-of-life management. EPEAT-registered products offer a reduced environmental impact across their lifecycles.

    As a member of the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) founded by the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), AOC monitors are in line with current global standards by using mineral sources from audited smelters and refiners.

    RRMI’s mission is to provide its members with tools and resources to make sourcing decisions that improve regulatory compliance and support responsible sourcing from conflict-affected and high-risk areas.

    Highest ethical principles

    AOC businesses’ Code of Conduct is based on the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition Code of Conduct (EICC). EICC describes the high-level ethical principles that guide how businesses operate and how they treat their customers, and the conduct they expect from their employees. It includes elements such as care for the environment, labour rights, employee treatment and a commitment to human rights, the right to privacy and measures to prevent bribery and corruption.

    By providing the regulatory approvals and certifications, AOC proves that they conform to the latest sustainability standards. Whether it is about the direct impact on the nature – by means of reduced energy consumption - or a verifiable production line and a socially responsible workplace, AOC respects their commitment for a sustainable future in all terms. Choosing AOC monitors will help businesses to achieve their goals to become more sustainable as well.

    AOC respects your data privacy

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