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    May 3, 2021

    "Bang For Buck Award" for the AOC 27P2C @ eTeknix, a technology and review website from the UK recently published a review of the AOC 27P2C. The monitor received their “Bang For Buck Award".

    + 75 Hz refresh rate

    + Adaptive Sync

    + Great colour reproduction thanks to IPS panel

    + 178°/178° viewing angles thanks to IPS panel

    + Excellent connectivity with HDMI, DP and USB-C ports, plus built-in USB 3.2 hub with KVM switch

    + Excellent ergonomic stand with tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustments

    + Slim bezels and smart design, looks great in the office and doesn’t look out of place at home either

    + VESA mount option

    + Hard power switch

    + Rich colours and matte look

    + Good black levels

    + 96% sRGB, 76% AdobeRGB, 80% DCI-P3 coverage

    + Reasonable colour accuracy with average DeltaE of 2.10 and maximum DeltaE of 4.49

    - Only Full HD resolution

    Verdict: „ […] The inclusion of that fantastic and very versatile stand certainly adds to the value, but it’s the KVM switch the really pushes the price up. However, even at just over £200, it’s still the cheapest KVM monitor out there right now. Actually, it’s the cheapest KVM monitor by a significant margin. […] Imagine you have your own PC, but now you also have a work laptop or PC that you need to add to your setup. Rather than have two keyboards, two mice, two headsets, and even two monitors, you can plug it ALL into one. When you change sources on the monitor, it then flicks the USB hub over to the next system along with it. It can make a cluttered workstation a little easier to live with. […] Right out of the box, I was very impressed with what this monitor can deliver. The Gamma was pretty much perfect, with only a slight deviation […] Considering this isn’t a pro model, hitting 96% of sRGB, 76% of AdobeRGB, and 80% of P3 is really great too. I personally found the colours to be excellent, as one might expect from an IPS panel. […] I’m a pixel junky, I love my 4K monitor, and Full HD just doesn’t cut it for me for work and gaming. However, for a Full HD panel, I found it to be pretty robust. […] If you need a KVM monitor, this is a really fantastic option. It’s the cheapest KVM switch monitor I’ve seen, but if you don’t need that feature, you can save around £60 on other AOC models without the switching feature. That being said, it’s a great monitor at its core, with a decent IPS Full HD panel, great connectivity, and the settings are good enough right out of the box that it makes for a very straightforward setup. Give the people in your office a bunch of these, and you’ll certainly get no complaints, or put one in your home office; the portrait mode also makes it awesome as a second display! “

    Please find the full review here.

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