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    March 20, 2020

    Become a productivity powerhouse at home

    For a growing number of people around the world, home is the ideal place to work. From the gig economy to new flexible work practices to simple lifestyle choices, more and more professionals are exchanging their stressful, time-consuming daily commute for a much shorter trip: from bed to their home office. And the results are overwhelmingly positive: less traffic and thus less pollution, lower levels of stress, and the potential for greater productivity.

    However, due to lack of space, not everyone can afford a full desktop workstation, sometimes not even a dedicated desk. So how can you maintain consistent performance every day, even when the office is no farther than the living room? The answer is to choose AOC portable monitors: I1601FWUX and I1659FWUX.


    The award-winning I1601FWUX combines portability and functionality in one slim and stylish package. Its lively 15.6 "IPS display, wide viewing angles (160/160 °) and Full HD resolution make it a good option for multi-monitor setups. Plus, with its 800 grams weight and just 8 , 5mm thick, fits comfortably into most laptop bags, ensuring maximum flexibility on the move. With the power of USB-C technology, the monitor can be connected and powered using a single thin, reversible cable, which reduces the overall dimensions and ensures a completely plug & play experience.


    For laptops without a USB-C port, but equipped with USB 3.0 technology, the I1659FWUX offers many of the productivity features of the I1601FWUX. This 15.6 "model is equipped with an IPS panel and Full HD resolution with 220 cd / m² brightness, weighing 1.2 kg, including the foldable stand. Thanks to the integrated DisplayLink software, connecting it to the laptop is a child's play.

    Whether you are a professional on the go or a lover of the home office, AOC portable monitors will help you make the most of every minute of your time, wherever you are.

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