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    October 5, 2020

    Best of Battlestations: Your perfectly designed gaming headquarters

    Video games are our favourite pastime activity. We spend between six and seven hours weekly playing games, according to studies from Forbes. We all know that this number can quickly increase to double digits, sometimes at one single weekend. With this much time being spent in front of the screen, a gaming setup needs to be turned into appropriate battlestation. To celebrate some of the most impressive setups from our community and to give you inspiration for your own gaming zone, let’s take a look at some masterpieces!

    It’s the perfect setup!

    Who would have thought that opposite colours can match this well? Instagram user pc_sdreeki went for this extremely cool combination of an atomic green and a powerful purple. With the whole desk being styled after Dragon Ball Z’s supervillain Cell, pc.sdreekj achieved the final step of the style-evolution. The Stromtrooper statue guarding the battlestation adds to the futuristic vibes of this brilliant setup!

    Triple power: clean, neon, and futuristic

    While neon colours can look flashy and toxic as Cell’s design proves, they can also create a calming atmosphere. The mix of glowing blue and pink backlighting by user Vertox adds to the incredibly clean and sleek look of this battlestation. On top of that, any setup immediately appears even more impressive when equipped with three top AOC monitors! Your skills get buffed for sure when gaming at this station.

    Rainbow + Cyberpunk = stunning

    The future is colourful – and looks damn aesthetically pleasing! Instagram user dutchtechnerd designed his battlestation in a futuristic theme, inspired by the upcoming triple-A title Cyberpunk 2077. All peripherals and parts of the tower glow in rainbow colours, even the wall got equipped with LEDs. With the floating AOC screen and no cables visible, the desk looks incredibly tidy. We are sure that Keanu Reeves would rate this setup as “breath-taking”.

    Better than a sports car?

    This cockpit from Facebook user Romain F. is a dream for all sim racers and car enthusiasts. Three large AOC CQ32G1 monitors that display the entire width of the virtual racetrack, a wheel, sportscar seat, pedals – this sim rig really makes you feel like you’re in a real car. A huge benefit of having this battlestation instead of heading out to race: you don’t have wait in a traffic jam or in line for the gas station. And while we all love to go full speed, we don’t want to be caught speeding with a real car.

    The elegant side of the moon

    A squeaky colouful setup might not fit into every apartment. Luckily, a battlestation can also look stunning in a simple black-and-white style. Reddit user PersonalJ perfected the layout with this futuristic and clean look. The NASA mug adds a splash of colour, but the main focus still lies on the floating AOC monitor. This desk is universally beautiful and would upgrade any gamer area in any solar system.

    Battlestations come in all aesthetics, colours, designs and themes. Do you have your own gaming station you are proud of? Then make sure to send us pictures to our Twitter at @aoc_gaming, our Instagram at aocgaming or our Facebook at AOCGamingDE.

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