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    July 6, 2021

    Boost your productivity anytime – anywhere AOC launches the 15.6” portable monitor I1601P with hybrid USB-C and USB-A connection

    Amsterdam, 6 July 2021 – Display specialist AOC expands its portfolio of portable monitors with the new I1601P. Portable screens are an easy solution for extending a single monitor set-up to a multi-monitor solution, whether on the go, at work or in the small home office. The 15.6” (39.5 cm) I1601P is compact and similar in size to laptop displays. The I1601P features Full HD resolution and IPS panel technology to produce rich colours and sharpness and wide viewing angles (170/170°). It can be connected via both USB-A and USB-C input, all thanks to the single cable solution (cable included in the box).


    AOC AOC I1601P portable monitor: create a multi-monitor setup using hybrid USB connectivity

    Whether working from home or in an office, a second screen boosts productivity by effectively doubling the workable screen real estate. For many it has become obvious that working on a single screen, such as a laptop display impedes workflows by causing a cluttered and overloaded work space.

    Of course, this also applies when working on the go. Users accustomed to working with two displays at their office desk will demand the same productivity increase also on the road, on the train or an airplane, or in the field.

    AOC’s portable displays are a great lifesaver in these cases. Its portable display portfolio has many options; the I1601FWUX, for example offers a portable 15.6” display with USB-C connectivity, while the I1659FWUX offers a similar panel with USB DisplayLink technology using the USB-A port.

    The brand new I1601P combines the best of both worlds, thanks to the hybrid one-cable solution. For USB-C equipped laptops and devices, the 1601P can be easily connected via a single USB-C cable. The connection will power the display and transfer the video signal via the USB DisplayPort Alternate mode.


    Image signal also via traditional USB

    Displays connected via the USB-C interface require DP Alt Mode protocol support for image transfer. Support for this standard is not always implemented in laptops and smartphones. This is especially true of those that are not flagship products. What's more, in slightly older devices you may not find a USB-C port at all.


    Display Link technology is the solution. Just install drivers compatible with Windows, Android, MacOS, Chrome OS and Ubuntu and you are not reliant on the presence of DP Alt Mode. Thanks to Display Link, the I1601P can be connected using both the popular USB-C port and the most common USB version A port. Included with the monitor is a cable with an adapter protected against loss.



    All AOC monitors are covered by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty.

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