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    February 8, 2022

    Getting greener by the day - AOC’s office line-up now offers sustainable businesses monitors with TCO Certified, generation 9 certification

    Display specialist AOC proudly announces becoming one of the first manufacturers of displays to receive the TCO Certified, generation 9 certification.

    TCO Certified, generation 9, for displays, was only recently publicised on 1 December 2021. With 34 business-focussed monitor models certified with TCO Certified, generation 9, AOC has the third largest portfolio of models on the market accredited with this designation. Ranging from 22-inch to 34-inch size, AOC’s TCO Certified, generation 9 models offer resolutions from Full HD up to 4K, enabling users with many different requirements to make sustainable choices in terms of displays. 

    TCO Certified, generation 9 certifies products that are demonstrably manufactured in a socially responsible fashion, including supply chain responsibility and transparency, demonstrate anti-bribery management, utilise responsibly sourced minerals and manage processed chemicals carefully.


    34 AOC monitors are certified with TCO Certified, generation 9

    In today’s world, sustainability is one of the primary challenges that all sectors, including IT products, currently face. The journey to becoming truly sustainable is a continuous improvement, which tackles many aspects including socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing, integrating circular business models and extending the life of IT products and reducing e-waste.

    In 2021, AOC demonstrated their commitment for a sustainable planet in various ways. In February, AOC offices at Amsterdam were audited and received their ISO 50001 certificate by the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). ISO 50001 aims to map out energy flows and determine potential savings. AOC also passed the external ISO 14001 audit, which specifies the requirements for an environmental management system. AOC defined more resource-efficient product designs, using less Styrofoam, plastics, and ink. This year, AOC continued to focus on social responsibility publishing a Human Rights policy for the whole company with TPV, and supporting charities dedicated to gaming such as SpecialEffect charity in the UK. 

    AOC’s current B2B line-up is geared to a wide spectrum of professional users. Ranging from the touchscreen portable 15.6” up to ultra-wide 34” display sizes, resolutions from Full HD up to 4K, the portfolio covers different usage cases from basic monitors to productivity machines with built-in USB-C docking options. For sustainable businesses that aim to decrease their carbon footprint, AOC’s office monitors with TCO Certified, generation 9 will be great options to consider.

    “We want to thank TCO Development for launching this new TCO certification. Generation 9 further pushes manufacturers like us to bring even greener products onto the market. Together with TCO Development, we will take sustainability and circular economy to the next level.” says Kevin Yang, Technical Product and Compliance Manager Europe, CIS & Russia, AOC and MMD.

    Established in 1992, TCO Certified is a third party, global sustainability certification for IT products (according to ISO 14024), independent of the IT industry and buyers and developed by the TCO Development organisation.

    When users buy products with TCO Certified generation 9, they can rest assured that the product they bought meets all the strict criteria that drive social and environmental responsibility throughout the product life cycle. In generation 9, criteria for anti-corruption and mineral sourcing are improved, safer alternatives to hazardous substances are expanded, and more ambitious criteria for circular economy are imposed. Additionally, new sustainability performance indicators (SPIs) were added to help buyers make informed choices about the sustainability of products.

    The full list of mandates and requirements that need to be fulfilled as well as further definitions and clarifications can be explored in the TCO Certified, generation 9 documentation.

    In these challenging and turbulent times, the world currently faces, AOC is extremely proud of this achievement. In bringing such a large number of highly sustainable products to the market, AOC makes a positive environmental and social impact as a manufacturer and at the same time enables buyers to make a better and greener choice. 

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