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    November 12, 2021

    Good review for AOC 16T2 @ (DACH) (OverClocked inside), a website from Germany, focussed on overclocking and hardware reviews just published a review of the AOC 16T2.


    The tester also published an interactive 360° image of the 16T2.

    + Easy to connect

    + Possible to use both USB-C ports (charging and video)

    + Possible to use touch input for connected smartphones

    + VESA mount with screws included

    + SmartCover

    + Multiple connectivity options

    + More than advertised battery life (4:45 hours)

    + Optimal resolution (Full HD) for the size (15.6”)

    + 10 point touch input

    + Integrated battery, acts as a power bank

    + Integrated speakers

    + Versatility


    - Power button requires long press (not comfortable for stationary use)

    - VESA mounting screws might touch the back side (when using with a monitor arm)

    - Only one button to navigate OSD

    - No predefined profiles or advanced settings for colour – “This is a pity and not something we have seen from AOC.”

    - AOC i-Menu software doesn’t work

    Verdict: „The AOC 16T2 15.6-inch multi-touch screen offers unimagined expansion! […] The application of the high-quality IPS panel with 10-point multi-touch is enormously versatile. You can either convert your smartphone into a tablet or extend your notebook display with a second screen or elicit unimagined capabilities from your desktop PC with the additional touch panel. […] All in all, we are very satisfied with the picture quality, the multi-touch, the Smart Cover and the workmanship of the AOC 16T2, but we would like to see better usability and an automatic switch-on via USB power supply to facilitate stationary use.“

    Please find the full review here.

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