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    May 11, 2020

    "Great mainstream 4K option for the home and office" and 4/5 stars for the U2790PQU @ Tech Advisor

    Tech Advisor, a tech focussed website from the UK’s renowned IDG publishing house published recently a review of the AOC U2790PQU.

    „The AOC U2790PQU looks good and has decent features alongside a 4K resolution, a low price and solid colour accuracy – so it’s a great mainstream 4K option for the home and office. However, its poorer contrast and uniformity mean it’s not suitable for more intensive workloads. […] The AOC U2790PQU is impressive in some key areas: its 4K resolution means huge detail and space are available for work and media duties, and this solid specification is paired with a versatile, sturdy and stylish exterior. AOC’s screen has great colour accuracy, but it does falter in some other on-screen areas: its contrast is a little underwhelming and its uniformity is poor. The lack of contrast and poor uniformity mean this screen isn’t suitable for more demanding work scenarios, but it remains a good option if you want a versatile and affordable 4K display for mainstream work and home use.“

    Please find the full review here.

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