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    June 30, 2020

    Great results for the AOC 24G2U and 27G2U among "Budget gaming monitors round-up 2020" list @ TFT Central Reviews

    TFT Central, a blog from the UK, focussed specifically on monitors with mostly technical and extremely detailed reviews just published an article titled “Budget gaming monitors round-up 2020”, listing monitors under £250 GBP.

    “Overall the 24G2U was a very solid gaming screen and we were impressed by the all-round performance given the low cost so it's capable of a lot more beyond gaming. It had a very good default setup, high contrast ratio for an IPS panel and the kind of all round performance you'd expect from this technology. Importantly it offered very good response times, a high refresh rate and low input lag. MBR wasn't perfect which was a shame.”

    “Having tested the 24G2U first, this larger 27" version felt very similar, almost identical in fact in performance, features and specs. It had the same solid default setup including a strong contrast ratio for an IPS panel and great all round performance thanks to the IPS panel. The high refresh rate and very low lag were excellent, and it's marginally faster than the 24G2U in terms of response times. It was also good to see the official 'G-sync Compatible' certification on this model giving some further peace of mind around VRR performance quality. MBR mode was again limited unfortunately and hampered a bit by the wide gamut backlight and some inflexibility in control. It's very close overall to the 24G2U so really just depends if you want a slightly larger sized screen for added immersion and perhaps easier use from a further viewing position (this 27" model); or whether you'd rather have something slightly sharper for close-up work (the 23.8" model).”

    Please find the full article here.

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