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    April 1, 2019

    How much can multi-monitor set ups increase your productivity?

    AOC offers a broad portfolio of monitors for home and office. Many of them are perfect for users seeking maximum productivity with multi-monitor setups. AOC gives some simple ideas for all kinds of professional users to increase their efficiency in work settings.

    Multi-monitor setups aren’t a luxury in the modern work place anymore. In the financial sector, in control rooms and in the security sector, they have long become standard, and installations with ten or more monitors are not uncommon. But you can also see them in the offices more and more often. They help employees to keep track of many applications and to work more efficiently, for example with complex spreadsheets. Multi-monitor setups are also often used in the design and graphics sector, where many different programs for photo and graphics processing are needed at the same time. For video editing, two or more monitors are a must, with one monitor displaying the video editing program and another the video preview. They are also very popular in the media sector where journalists can write their texts on one screen while keeping an eye on incoming news on the other. A study showed that number of users making the jump to dual monitors increased drastically from 20% in 2002 to 90% in 2017[1]. Their reasoning: increased productivity and fewer errors.

    With multi-monitor setups users can have an email client constantly open on one display, so they won’t miss any incoming communication, and can simultaneously work on their projects on the next display. According to a study[2] from the University of Utah, multiple-monitor configurations increase productivity by 10% and reduce errors by 33%. Other benefits were easier recovery from mistakes (19%), facilitated task tracking (45%) and easier task focus (28%). In another survey[3] with over one thousand participants, users’ estimated productivity gains even averaged 42%.

    Two X24P1 (16:10) monitors side-by-side for ultimate productivity


    Two X24P1 monitors with 16:10 aspect ratio. Thanks to the 3-sides frameless design of the X24P1 and its height adjustable and pivotable stand, it is suited perfectly for a business-focused dual-monitor setup.

    AOC offers a complete B2B line-up aimed at both small to medium-sized businesses, large enterprises as well as the public sector. Compliant with important regulations such as EPEAT Gold/Silver, TCO, Energy Star and GS, these monitors are both energy efficient and environmentally friendly. For businesses that require ergonomic stands and still would like their monitors to have modern eye-catching looks, AOC offers the 90 Series displays in gunmetal finish and 3-sides frameless design equipped with IPS panels and a 4-port USB 3.0 hub, or the P1 Series with a wide variety of inputs, a selection of two aspect ratios and three panel types according to users’ needs. All AOC B2B monitors are covered by a 3-year warranty.

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