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    September 30, 2021

    One Special Day for levelling the playing field: inclusive gameplays and charity

    Gaming is fun, engaging, exciting - and it should be for everyone. This is the common value that brought AOC and Special Effect together to do good. But who is Special Effect?

    SpecialEffect is a UK charity that helps physically disabled people of any age to play and enjoy videogames. Teams of therapists and game technology specialists work intensively in finding a way for people to play to the very best of their abilities, looking for solutions to level the playing field.

    The fun is finally shared: video games are an almost universal pastime, and they are a growing part of social engagement. Inclusive gaming can truly bring families and friends together, while being beneficial for the social interaction and the mental health of disabled people[1].

    On the 30th of September you can make the difference, bringing magic and fun directly to disabled gamers. AOC is again sponsoring One Special Day, an open online event and activation for the charity. Together we want to show how games can change lives for the better! With every donation you will support SpecialEffect in their ongoing projects and support their therapists in helping gamers with disabilities understand what they want to play and how they need to play it. It’s the moment to make their dreams come true.

    As a key player in the gaming industry, AOC feels the need to step into action and make gaming accessible for gamers with disabilities. In the past years, AOC has partnered with SpecialEffect on different activities that could really make a difference, proudly committing to the cause, and it’s ready to continue supporting the charity for the years to come.

    “For AOC, gaming is synonym of fun and imagination, and we work daily to bring the best gaming experience possible to all our users. Our monitors need to be an open door to infinite worlds and adventures, for everyone.” Said Stefan van Sabben, Senior Manager Global CSR and Sustainability at AOC Monitors. “This strive to bring joy and fun is the reasons why AOC partners with Special Effects, for making gaming accessible and inclusive for all potential gamers out there.”

    Do you want to join the event of Thursday 30th? Visit the dedicated website to find out more useful info on all the activities in plan. Please visit SpecialEffect website as well, to learn more about their works and support them all year round.

    [1] From “The Pew Internet Study” (Lenhart et al, 2008)

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