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    June 27, 2019

    Productivity on the go with AOC portable monitors

    People spend on average from 20 min to even 1 hour a day on commuting. This represents a significant amount of time that might as well be used productively. You’re on a train, on a plane, in a hotel or a waiting lounge, in the field, at a meeting away from your desk, only with your laptop screen at hand. Maybe with preparing for a meeting or giving the finishing touches to a report – but how productive are you when on the go with just one, cramped laptop screen?

    If you’re accustomed to multi-monitor setups, you have come to appreciate the comfort and increased productivity that a second monitor brings[1], checking out multiple browser windows at once, or spreadsheets and documents. Maybe you want to show your clients a separate screen but keep yours private. A second monitor simplifies your workflow as you don’t need to switch windows all the time.


    But, is a multi-monitor setup possible when you’re on the go?

    The answer is: Yes – with AOC’s portable monitors I1601FWUX and I1659FWUX – it is.

    The portable monitor AOC I1601FWUX is a 15.6” IPS display with Full HD resolution, just about the same size of most 15” laptop displays. With this size, it’s a good contender for a mobile multi-monitor setup, fitting neatly into most laptop bags. Thanks to its mere 800 gram weight and just 8.5 mm thickness, this sleek monitor is truly convenient to travel with. The die-cast metal back radiates apremium feel and the 160°/160° viewing angles of the IPS display with its vivid colours ensure that several people are enabled a good view of the screen content at the same time.

    With 220 cd/m² brightness, the I1601FWUX works perfectly in most lighting situations. Adding to the elegance, this portable monitor comes with a smart cover, which acts as a screen holder at various angles and portrait/landscape modes. When not in use, the cover attaches magnetically to the screen surface and covers the front of the display during transport.

    How do I connect it and how do I power it, you may ask. It’s pretty simple: with a single USB Type C cable. The USB-C port transfers the DisplayPort signal and the power connection in a single cable, reducing clutter and providing a simple, plug & play experience.


    AOC to go: I1601FWUX with USB-C connection

    What if your laptop is not up to the current standard and only includes a USB 3.0 port? Meet the I1659FWUX. The predecessor to the I1601FWUX is similarly equipped with a 15.6” IPS panel with Full HD resolution, 220 cd/m² brightness and 1.2 kg weight including its folding stand. The I1659FWUX features a single USB 3.0 port. By using the included DisplayLink software, connecting your laptop is just as easy.

    So if you’re mobile for most of the time or simply want to make your travel more productive, check out AOC’s portable displays and experience for yourself how to get work done more efficiently on the go!

    [1] “Multi-Monitor Study - Usage and Trends,” Jon Peddie Research, October 16, 2017,

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