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Very good review for AOC C27G1 by TechTalk

TechTalk, a tech/hardware influencer and review YouTube channel from the UK recently published a review of the AOC C27G1.

„It provides an immersive gaming experience. You’ll be actually drawn into content and really dive into gaming, enjoy your content wherever you are watching on Netflix, Amazon Prime, YT whatever you are doing. But mainly for gaming you’ll be pulled in amazing worlds we have on our games or explore racing tracks or explore sports arenas when you play sports games. No matter what you’re doing, that curve will actually pull you in. […] The monitor is aimed at competitive and casual gamers. Video editing is so much easier on a 27” monitor. […] I had it for 3-4 weeks and I experienced no issues at all. It’s quite sturdy. “

Find the full review here.

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