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    November 29, 2019

    What will be your New Year’s resolution? – Gift ideas from AOC

    The winter holiday has arrived and Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just around the corner. It not only means a chance for getting together and celebrating with family and friends, but also a great time to give and receive gifts. With incredible deals in online and high street stores, now is the best time to get some gifts for your friends and family. Get ready to stock up on some extra large gift paper and make some room under the Christmas tree, because AOC has some great ideas that fit every budget.

    AG273QX – gamers beware, fasten your seatbelts

    The AG273QX from AOC’s premium AGON line-up is a beast in terms of speed and gaming performance but also in terms of image quality. It is a perfect gift for gamers of any age and experience. Its 27” / 68.6 cm panel size matches its QHD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels) perfectly, showing brilliant details and offering a large canvas to work with. Regardless of the game – even with competitive titles – the AG273QX delivers what it promises: 165 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time (MPRT) deliver the smoothest animations and fast visual feedback for games which require them, from shooters to MOBAs or action titles. Visual fidelity is also superb, thanks to DisplayHDR 400 and FreeSync 2 support showing a high dynamic range, 3000:1 native contrast ratio of the VA panel for those inky deep blacks, and a high colour accuracy with vivid, popping colours. AG273QX retails at £439.

    G2 Series – better take two

    The G2 series monitors from AOC are the epitome of the mainstream gaming monitor. A colour-accurate IPS panel admired even by professional graphic designers and its 144 Hz refresh rate is considered a minimum by the hard-core gamer scene. 1 ms response time (MPRT), AMD FreeSync support and an ergonomic height-adjustable stand complete the package. Currently available in 23.8”/ 60.4 cm and 27”/ 68.6 cm variants, 75 Hz 24G2U5 and 27G2U5(for slow-paced games / casual gamers) or 144 Hz (for fast-paced games / enthusiast gamers) 24G2U and 27G2U, the G2 series offers a wide variety of options, too. With their thin bezels and affordable prices, these models are perfect contenders for multi-monitor setups, too.

    G2 series prices range from £149 (24” 75 Hz 24G2U5) up to £229 (27”144 Hz 27G2U).

    Q27T1 – for the enthusiasts in aesthetics

    A monitor fabulous to look at: AOC’s Q27T1’s unique aesthetic was developed by Studio F. A. Porsche, the renowned design studio. This 27” / 68.6 cm monitor with an elegant, asymmetrical metal stand is the perfect gift for friends who value aesthetics and the highest quality. Placed on a work desk or at your home office, this monitor with its slim and clean profile will surely make a statement about its user’s taste.The Q27T1’s 3-side borderless IPS panel adds to the sleekness by hiding the left and right bezels behind the panel… Inside, the IPS panel is a powerhouse, with 1440p resolution; 75 Hz refresh rate, 107% sRGB and 90% AdobeRGB coverage and 350 nits of brightness. These specs suit digital artists and content creators perfectly. The Q27T1 retails at £279.

    U2790PQU – 4K for incredible details

    For professionals and business users, what could be better than a future-proof, next-gen resolution of Ultra HD / 4K? A new year’s resolution might be to get AOC’s U2790PQU with 3840 x 2160 pixels on its 27” / 68.6 cm IPS display. The U2790PQU offers everything for professional users to stand out from the crowd, with the silver / gunmetal finish, use the colour-accurate IPS display to edit photos and videos. The ergonomic stand allows height, tilt, swivel and pivot adjustments. The USB hub with 4 USB 3.0 ports plus the DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI connectors enable a wide range of input sources. The U2790PQU is available at £299.

    With so many options to choose from, the festive season will truly be an occasion to celebrate.

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