Black Friday Deals

Ready for a new monitor? Whether you want a big screen, sharp colors, fast refresh rates, or a curved screen, you’ll find incredible Black Friday monitor deals at AOC this year.


Enjoy the best quality visuals even in fast paced games. The AMD FreeSync Premium Technology ensures that the GPU’s and monitor’s refresh rates are synchronised, which provides a fluid, tear free gaming experience at highest performance. The AMD FreeSync Premium features a refresh rate of minimum 120Hz, decreasing blur and sharpening the picture for a more life-like experience. The LFC feature eliminates the risk of stutter in case the frame rate drops below the refresh rate.


Curved 27” VA panel featuring 300 nits, 240Hz, 0.5ms MPRT and FreeSync Premium

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23,8" gaming monitor with 165Hz refresh rate, 1ms MPRT response time and FreeSync Premium

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Curved design wraps around you putting you at the center of the action and provides an immersive gaming experience. Curved gaming monitors come with several benefits: less eye strain, reduced glare, larger perceived images and higher immersion. Dive deeper into the virtual worlds unfolding around you and enjoy your favourite game with the perfect overview.



Curved 31.5” VA panel including 1ms MPRT, 240Hz refresh rate and FreeSync Premium

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Curved 27” VA display with 240Hz refresh rate, 0.5ms MPRT and 300 nit brightness

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