29 июня 2017 г.

    Smoothness redefined: AOC presents 240 Hz AGON G-SYNC monitor

    Amsterdam, 23 May 2017 – AOC presents its fastest gaming monitor with NVIDIA G-SYNC yet. The AOC AGON AG251FG boasts a refresh rate of 240 Hz, a 1 ms response time and NVIDIA ULMB for reduced motion blur. In addition to the high responsiveness provided by NVIDIA G-SYNC, the display comes with other premium gamer features such as AOC Shadow Control and the ergonomic AOC Ergo Dial Base.


    Maximum smoothness for NVIDIA users

    The AOC AGON AG251FG comes with a 24.5″ Full HD TN panel (16:9 format, 1920 x 1080 pixels), which is slightly bigger than the common 24″ esport size. With its 240 Hz refresh rate and built-in NVIDIA G-SYNC module, it is the perfect choice for gamers with NVIDIA graphics cards who want the smoothest gameplay possible. The G-SYNC technology synchronises the display refresh rates to the graphics card’s GPU in order to eliminate screen tearing and minimise display stuttering as well as input lag. The monitor’s 1 ms response time and the NVIDIA ULMB option also reduce motion blur and ghosting to a minimum, so that gamers can enjoy razor-sharp graphics even in the most fast-paced situations. “At AOC we understand how important NVIDIA is for all hardcore gamers and enthusiasts, year after year improving the PC gaming experience with the most advanced technologies on graphic cards. For that reason, we are launching a G-Sync version of our award winning 240Hz monitor.” – says Alfonso Clemente, Product Manager at AOC.

    Comfort for professional gamers

    Like all AGON monitors, the AG251FG comes with a range of premium features to boost players’ comfort and performance. These include the AOC Ergo Dial Base with tilt, swivel and height adjustment (convenient height scale included), a retractable headset holder and a carrying handle. To prevent eye fatigue during extended gaming sessions, the AOC Flicker Free technology also minimises flickering, and the AOC Low Blue Light mode reduces potentially harmful short wavelength blue light. For an extra advantage in dark game environments, the AOC Shadow Control option empowers gamers to brighten extremely dark areas without affecting the rest of the screen.

    The AOC AGON AG251FG is expected to be available in August 2017. The MSRP is 599 €.

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