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Big Screens

See the big picture! Cramped view on a 21”-24” monitor? Displays with large screens (27”- 40”) fill your entire vision with goodies.

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Minimalistic design

Minimalistic Design

Feels like it’s floating in the air! AOC’s award-winning minimalistic and innovative designs enable displays as thin as a smartphone.

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High Resolution Setup

High Resolution Setup

Beauty in the details! With AOC’s QHD (1440p) and UHD (4K) displays discover all the little image details that you’ve missed until now.

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Känn komforten! AOCs höjd, lutning och vridjusterbara stativ hjälper dig att hitta den mest bekväma och hälsosamma positionen.

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Simple yet elegant! Need a good, “no frills” display? Even AOC’s basic monitors are equipped with the latest technology panels.

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On the road or in the field? AOC’s portable, lightweight monitors let you have display at hand wherever you are.

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